Daily Schedule

Perry Middle School is a fifth through eighth grade building. Fifth and sixth grade students have a homeroom teacher and, as a class, rotate to the other 5/6 grade teachers for Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science. In addition to the four core subjects, fifth grade students rotate between Physical Education, Music, and Technology as exploratory classes. Fifth graders also have the opportunity to join the beginning band. The sixth grade expository classes are Physical Education, Science Renaissance, and Math Strategies. Sixth graders can also be in Band or Choir.

Our seventh, and eighth grade class schedule runs on a six period day with a 26 minute seminar (homeroom) and 26 minute lunch period. Seventh and eighth grade students have an hourly schedule that contains the four core classes, plus two hours of elective classes. These include Band, Choir, P.E., Technology, Spanish, Personal Fitness, Lego Robotics, and Health.