Principal's Page

Don BeckEducation is a gift.

History is filled with stories of triumph and heartbreak, each centered on individuals searching for one thing:  knowledge.  We are fortunate to live in a country that values education so much that we give free, high quality schooling to all our children.  We know that educated children grow into educated adults, who make better citizens, better employees and employers, better spouses and parents, and who ultimately make the entire world a happier, better place.

Here in our corner of the world—Perry, Michigan—we are so fortunate to have a wonderful community, a dedicated staff, beautiful facilities, advanced technology, and students who are enthusiastic and devoted to their futures.  We at Perry High School have all the “right” ingredients to work in partnership with parents and guardians to set our young Ramblers off toward bright and shining futures after graduation.  

Are we perfect at PHS?  Absolutely not.  No one is, anywhere.

But we care deeply, and we are always refining ourselves and improving ourselves.  We are dedicated to making our school the best we can be, to teaching students so they learn the most they can possibly learn, so they are safe, happy, and ready for what their future careers and lives may bring.

As you read make your way through your education here at PHS, let us help you plan for your graduation, college and career.  Students:  while in school, I urge you to take advantage of every opportunity, including classes and extracurricular clubs and athletics.  Parents/guardians:  assist your students, and let us help you.  We here at Perry High School will support and encourage you in any way we possibly can.

Perry High has been an excellent institution since 1881--and we're only getting started.  Go Ramblers!

Don Beck
Perry High School