MS Water Leak
The Middle School had a FRESH WATER leak due to a faulty pipe connection. Therefore, the students’ schedule, in the middle of the school day, was altered while the water was turned off to fix the leak. All students received lunches. Students were able to use the restroom in the Administrative Building with staff escorts. By 1 p.m. the water issue was fixed, water was turned on, restrooms were up and running and students were able to resume their last 2 hours of the day with their regular schedule.
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Perry Water - Safe in our Schools
With the heightened concern about safe drinking water, I want to provide you with the latest water test results for Perry City Water as tested on our campus. The most recent tests for lead and copper were done July of 2015. Additionally, testing for bacteria also shows that our water is safe. 1. The allowable level of lead is 15 parts per billion and we are at 3 ppb. 2. The allowable level of copper is 1300 ppb and we are at 340ppb. As you can see, we are well within the safe range for drinking water. Thanks to the City of Perry for providing these results and keeping our water safe. Regards, Mike Foster, Superintendent
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