Mandated Reporting

Transparency Reporting

Budget and Transparency Reporting

A school district must post a variety of financial and budget information within 15 days after adopting its annual budget. The statute also includes certain format requirements for presenting the information.
MCL 388.1618

Fire Alarm

School Safety Drills

School districts are required to conduct a variety of safety drills. Districts are also required to post documentation about school safety drills on their websites.
MCL 29.19


Annual Education Report

The federal components of the Annual Education Report (AER) provide detailed information about the status of education in Michigan's public schools, public school academies, districts and Michigan's statewide performance.

 asbestos image  

Asbestos Notification

This notification is to advise all parents, building occupants, collective bargaining organizations, and parent­teacher organizations, that the asbestos management plans required under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) is available for review upon request.

 Anti-Bullying Policy  

Anti-Bullying Policy